Articles - What to Expect When You Come to Wipperman Occupational Health for an Injury:

  • If you have had an injury at work and your employer has set up an appointment for you at WOH, you should plan on arriving at the office about 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to complete paperwork required for any new patient.  This paperwork will include signing an authorization for us to treat you, bill the worker’s compensation carrier, and release information on your condition to those people who are entitled to it under the law in Indiana.
  • You will be offered a copy of our Privacy Policy (HIPAA) which you may read if you want.  You’ll be asked to sign a form which states that this was offered to you.  You don’t have to take the policy, but we’ll ask you to sign that we offered it to you.  This is a Federal Law with which we are complying.
  • Next, if you have never been to our office before we will ask you to fill out an address form which has your pertinent personal information, including name, address, date of birth, and employer’s name.  We also ask for your SSN as that is how we keep records in the computer system.  If you do not want to share your SSN with us, that is certainly within your rights.  We then ask that you provide us with another 9 digit number which we may use AND that you will not forget in the future.
  • The last task you have in the reception area is to complete a brief medical and occupational history form. This is a very important piece of information which the health care providers use in assessing your injury and determining your best treatment. Remember to include your work history at the bottom of the page. This helps us know what types of work you have done in the past. It may or may not be important, but we do need to know.

When you are called back to the examination area:

  • If your company has requested, you may be asked to do a drug screen and/or a breath alcohol test. 
  • After this testing, the medical assistant will bring you to the exam room and ask you about your injury or problem.  They will also take your Blood Pressure and Pulse.  If you have an eye injury, they will also check your vision.
  • The medical assistant must then enter your information into the computer; they often do that in the room where you are.  You may be asked to change into a gown or put on a pair of shorts so that the provider can examine your injured area.
  • The provider will come in shortly and evaluate you for your injury.  This will include talking about your work, the injury and your past medical history. The provider will do an exam of your injury, and may in some instances order additional tests such as X-rays or nerve studies. These are done here at the office.
  • After your exam and any additional testing the provider will tell you what he or she thinks is going on, and recommend a treatment plan.  This may include medications, splints, exercises, ice, heat, physical therapy, and /or work restrictions.
  • If work restrictions are put in place, your employer may either have you stay at work and work with those restrictions, OR your employer may send you home.  It is up to your employer as to whether or not you stay at work.  Our goal is to keep you safe while you recover from your injury, and usually that means that you can be at work while on limitations.
  • After the provider goes over the plan with you, the medical assistant will have to print up your paperwork and get your medications and other items which the provider may have ordered for you.  Then the medical assistant will come into the room, place your splint if needed and make sure you know how to put it on yourself, give you your medications, and go over your instructions with you.
  • You are always advised to take your paperwork directly back to work, unless your employer has called and told us otherwise.  If you need transportation back to work, our staff will make that call for you.

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If you ever have to come to our clinic for a serious injury like a laceration or a possible broken bone, rest assured you are sent to “the head of the class” and are brought back for evaluation as quickly as possible.  For this reason, we sometimes run behind on our scheduled patients.  We hope you understand that we are striving to provide the best and most timely care to ALL of our patients, but that emergencies do occur and we are occasionally delayed.   We always try to let you know if there will be a delay due to an emergency, so that you will be informed.

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