Articles - Providing a Urine Drug Screen at Wipperman Occupational Health:

Please check in at the front desk and fill out registration forms.

You must have a photo ID for the staff person who calls you back.  This may be a driver’s license, company ID, or any identification with your picture and name on it.  No matter what type of drug screen is being done, a photo ID is required.

Usually, your company provides you with a form which tells us which type of Drug Screen (DS) you need.  If you don’t have the form, then you may be asked by the staff person if this is a pre-placement, random, post-accident, or for-cause DS.  If you do not know, we may have to contact a supervisor to determine the type of DS needed.

You will be asked to empty your pockets and remove outer layers of clothing such as jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, and hats.  If you have valuables, we can lock them in a cabinet for you.

The staff collector will explain the process to you and ask you to wash your hands at the sink.  You will then choose a specimen container and be asked to go into the bathroom to provide a quantity of urine in the specimen cup. The staff collector will tell you how much urine is needed for testing.  You will be instructed to NOT flush the toilet, and to return the specimen to the collector as soon as you can.  If you take too long to provide the specimen, the specimen may become cold and not meet the temperature requirements.  If you are not successful at providing enough urine, you will be asked to go out to the lobby and you may drink up to 40 ounces of liquids, but not more than that.  You will be instructed to not leave the building until you can provide your specimen.  When you feel you are able to provide a sufficient amount of urine for the test, you will need to let the staff member at the front desk know that you are ready.  You should NOT walk back in to the clinical area, looking for someone to do your test.  Our staff may be busy with another patient, and it is a violation of the Privacy Regulations to have patients wandering in the clinical area without staff supervision.

Under DOT regulations, you have 3 hours from the time of your first attempt to provide the required specimen amount.  The Department of Transportation has specific rules and regulations which we follow for the regulated drug screens.  In particular, you may NOT leave the building once the process has begun.  However, the rules on a non-DOT drug screen are company specific and we may have to contact the company for further instruction.  If a company official cannot be reached, our clinic policy is to follow the DOT regulations.

The collector will check the specimen to make sure that there is a sufficient quantity and that it meets temperature requirements.  If those conditions are met then you and the collector will begin to complete the paperwork specific for the type of drug screen being done.  You will be allowed to wash your hands at this time.  The specimen must be secured with your initials on the seals.  ALL specimens must be sealed in the presence of the donor.

The collector will then prepare the specimen for processing.  You will have a copy of your paperwork given to you or a copy will print up for you.  This is for your personal use; we send another copy to your employer later.  The collector will then let you know that you may go and that your results will be sent to your employer directly in anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours depending on the type of drug screen.

 We hope this information is helpful to our clients and patients who access this web site.

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